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We are very proud to be Wirrals only TPI accredited Golf Fitness Specialists offering specific and measurable, personal training programmes, suitable for any level of golfer, with or without fitness training experience. Courses are available online or in one of our private studios, located at Wirral Golf Club, 93 Bidston Road, CH43 6TS.

A discounted comprehensive golf fitness assessment developed by the Titleist Performance Institute is recommended with any block booking of a minimum of 4 x 1 hours sessions. This identifies physical strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to your golf game.​

Your bespoke workout program designed by your Golf Fitness Specialist is individual to you and your golf game. The program will eliminate physical restrictions highlighted in your assessment: it will develop your flexibility; increase your stability, anchor your balance skills and boost the power in your golf swing.

You will be taken through this program step-by-step and as we want to follow your golf fitness journey, we discount all follow up golf fitness assessments: we want to hear about your improvements and the discovery moments when something that seemed impossible became possible. At each follow-up session we progress your program where appropriate so that the achievement of one goal become the starting point of another. Our clients have seen reduced scores as well as improvements in the following areas:-​

  • the ability to drive the ball further by increasing swing speed and power output

  • prevention of injuries especially lower back pain through mobility and flexibility of the spine

  • more control and consistent ball striking through balance and co-ordination

  • weight loss, improved posture and increased energy levels

Online Coaching

Do you know that you need to work on your golf fitness but donʼt know where to start or maybe you would prefer to learn in your own time and space? If so then our online coaching will give you all of the exercises and instruction you need to make positive changes to maximise your overall golf performance. You will have an initial assessment which will identify your swing characteristics and provide you with a golf fitness handicap. You will then be provided with access to specific training sessions showcasing a variety of golf specific programmes designed to enhance your game including accountability from our coaches with online golf assessments, weekly check ins and a personal nutrition plan.


Get your golf into full swing by signing up now! 

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45 minutes

Developed by the Titleist Performance Institute this assessment identifies physical strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to your golf game.​



60 minutes

If you require a little moral support or you simply would like to reduce the cost, this can be an ideal way to get started or if you need a little bit more accountability or motivation. 



60 minutes

This is your hole in one! The quickest way to start seeing results is our personal training programme as each session is specific to your needs based on your initial TPI screening results.

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